When you meet our staff, you'll understand why Brandywine Cyclery is known for its knowledge of all things bikes, and our exceptional customer service.


Matt Neugebauer

Matt “Hannibal” Neugebauer Owner, Sales Manager, BG Fit Professional, Mechanic, Amateur Philosopher Nicknamed “The Bike Fit Messiah” by Body Geometry Bike Fit Client, RogerJ A self-professed “Bike Nerd” and endurance sports fanatic, Matt has been riding and racing road bikes …


Steve Neugebauer

Steve “Face Man” Neugebauer General Manager, & All Around Good-Guy *Delaware’s First Handsome Bike Shop Owner* Early in 2012, Steve voted himself the sexiest Bike Shop Owner in Delaware.  An avid runner, Steve completed the “Hotter than Hell” Boston Marathon …

Chip 1

Chip Attig

Chip “B.A.” Attig Service Technician Extraordinaire, Ace Brake Bleeder and Wheel Builder A veteran of “Retail Wars IV – A New Hope” and the superior sequel “Retail Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back” Chip joined Team Brandywine in late …

Margo 1

Margo Stitz

Margo “Murdock” Stitz Sales Associate, Clothing Buyer & Sounding Board The self appointed Queen of Awesome, Margo is also a relatively new addition the Brandywine family.  Brought on board to keep Matt’s ego in check, Margo has proven to be …

T & N

Tom & Nancy Neugebauer

Tom “Bionic-Man” & Nancy “Shop Mom” Neugebauer Co-founders, Brandywine Cyclery Their love has created three gorgeous things you should thank them for…Steve, Matt and Brandywine Cyclery. Completely healed from both rotator cuff and hip-replacement surgery, Tom is part machine…and rides …